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2023-2024 CM Calendar


CERTIFICATE OF MERIT® Evaluations 2024

CM Teacher Information Videos and Quiz: Aug 15 – Sep 25, 2023 (No longer required, but strongly recommended)

Online Student Registration: Sep 1 - 30, 2023

(Online System opens for enrollment)

Parents Pay Online: Sep 1- Oct 5, 2023

REPERTOIRE Entry & Apply for Convention Recital: Sep 1, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023 (CM Teachers must enter all required Repertoire for each student, in accordance with the CM Syllabi) (Input Repertoire Online)


Special theme for 2024 and 2025 is

Music by

Women Composers

Piano, Strings, Voice, Winds: Levels 3 – Advanced

Harp: Levels 1 – Advanced

Performance Time Limit: 7 minutes

(students may perform up to 3 short mvts from a suite or collection)

Students CM Evaluation Media Submission Period: Feb 3 -Feb 13, 2024

CM Results Publish Date: Mar 4, 2024

CM Parent Results Published: Mar 6, 2024

PANEL Regional Evaluation: Jan 20 -Jan 30, 2024

PANEL Results for Teachers Date: Feb 26, 2024

PANEL Results for Parents Date: Feb 28, 2024

PANEL Final Application: Mar 1 -Mar 10, 2024

PANEL Final Media Submission Deadline: Mar 19, 2024

PANEL Results Publish Date: Apr 4, 2023

Deadline for Teachers to report Evaluation Results Errors: Mar 6 -Mar 16, 2024

Deadline for Convention App and Parents Pay $66  / Apr 15, 2024

CM Make-Up App.: Apr 1 -Apr 15, 2024

Theory Test questions and answers will be released statewide: Apr 3 – July 31,24

CM Make-Up Media Submission: May 4 -May 14, 2024

Convention Schedule Publish Date: May 15, 2024

MTAC Convention Dates: June 28 - July 1,2024

Los Angeles Hilton LAX


More about CM 2024:

New Application Period To accommodate the in-person and online testing scheduling, teachers will now create CM applications in September and parents need to submit their payments by October 5, 2023. Here are the new registration dates below:

• CM Application Period opens: September 1, 2023

• CM Application payment opens: September 1, 2023

• CM Application Period closes: September 30, 2023*

• CM Application payment closes: October 5, 2023

• CM Grade/Level Change Requests Close: October 5, 2023

 *This includes applying to all levels of CM, Panel and YAG, and submitting Special Needs Accommodation Requests

New CM Application Process According to the bylaws that were voted on 2022 by the Branch delegates, students and parents will be able to choose if they will take their CM Evaluation in person at a Regional Testing Center or online through the Testing Portal. A full guide will be provided in late August 2023

CM In-Person Regional Evaluation Dates In-Person Evaluation dates and locations are still being finalized with potential locations. They will be announced as soon as they become available

New Repertoire Editing Dates New for the 2024 year, Teachers will need to enter repertoire to their students’ applications by December 15, 2023 to avoid the applications being deleted from the system. Teachers will be allowed to edit the repertoire after this date

After the repertoire has been entered, Teachers will be able to edit their students’ repertoire up to 5 days before their student’s testing period. This includes: • Updating the piece’s movement or syllabus page information •Adjusting which piece will be the submitted Syllabus piece • Adjusting which piece will be the student’s Convention piece • Correcting any typos in the repertoire’s title or composer • Applying for a CM Convention Recital.

New CM Technique Recording Process All CM Online Students must use the Official CM Technique chart found on the MTAC Online System in their recordings. The students using the official CM Technique Chart need to show their technique chart to the camera at the beginning of their recording. Students who utilize any other technique charts (i.e. from the CM Syllabi) will receive an “Ineligible for Certificate” rating.

Recording Cover Sheet for all CM Repertoire Videos All online CM Students will need to hold up an official MTAC recording cover sheet at the beginning of each repertoire video recording. The Recording Cover Sheet will be posted on the CM Teacher Resources and the CM Parent Resources page.

Theme for CM Theme Recitals CM recital theme for the 2024 Convention will be Women Composers. More information about the theme is posted on the CM Resources section of your Teacher Portal

CM Syllabi for CM 2024 - 2025 As stated in Fall 2022, the new CM Syllabi for all instruments will not be released until the late spring of 2024 to be used for CM 2025.

Duets/Ensembles No Longer Accepted for Evaluation

CM Policies and Procedures for CM 2023 - 2024 The updated CM Policies and Procedures will be posted in August 2023 to both the Teacher and Parent Portals. This will include:

• Updates to this year’s programing

• Updated Panel and YAG guidelines

• Updated CM Convention Recital guidelines

• General reminders All new updates and deadlines are listed in red in the policies

Contacting Your Regional Coordinator If you have questions about repertoire or technique, you can contact your CM Regional Coordinator through the red “Help” button located on the CM page of Teacher Portal


The Cerritos Library’s 6-part installation by artist Dale Chihuly is a mix of dazzling blown glass wall sconces. Looking like sea anemones, wild flower arrangements or spun sugar candies, these glass figures display lyrical lines and sensuous, lambent amber tones which grace the Library's "Main Street." 

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