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Branch Honors Recital.jpg

Branch Honors Showcase Recital


Honoring Outstanding Students 


Lakewood-Cerritos Branch Teachers

CM State Honors Levels 4 and above

Branch Festival winners

Memorization Required

5 nominations per teacher

First 75 students accepted

Registration:  March 4th-March 13th

Fee: $20

Colleen Sharpe

Dr. Christine Lopez


🎶 Dear Branch Members,


Thank you for contributing to another successful year of music-making and student recognition!

  We have one more event on the calendar to finish off the season so please mark your calendars with the following information regarding the upcoming Branch Showcase Recital. 

This will be a live, in-person recital

Certificate of Merit State Honors, Levels 4 and above, and/or this year's festival winners are welcome to participate and showcase their winning pieces. 


The event welcomes all instruments as long as one of the aforementioned qualifications have been met.  Honorary trophies will be awarded to each participant. 

***The registration window will open once the CM results are published ***

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